How to Prepare Your Body for post-Diwali Air Pollution: Home Remedies and Prevention

Urban population is increasingly experiencing health issues like breathlessness and irritation in their nasal passages due to the debilitating air quality. Thanks to the aftermath of bursting crackers, families should no longer be just concerned about planning the festival, they should also prepare themselves for the side effects of the nasty pollution that envelops the city. 

Following are some of the home remedies you MUST try this Diwali to protect your lungs from the heavy pollution – 

Jaggery – Jaggery due to its high content of iron increases our body’s capacity to carry oxygen through the blood. However, diabetic people should avoid more than 2-4 gms of jaggery in a day. If consumed pre and post-Diwali, this ingredient could help significantly in cleaning our lungs of the smoke and dust. 

Honey – Honey is known to be great remedy for curing breathing issues. It cures mucus which is the primary agent making breathing difficult during this season. Mix honey and lemon in water and have it twice or thrice a day. Remember don’t ever boil honey with water! Honey is formed from trees like karanj, Jamun, kachnar amongst many others. These trees are grown by Grow-Trees in many plantation sites hence, benefitting local communities through non-timber produce.

Gargle and Steaming  – Make it a religious habit to gargle with alkaline water whenever you step out of the house and come back. For a peaceful sleep, take steam before bedtime and this will remove congestion, smoke and dust from your air passage. But do not take too much of it, it could dry out your air passage, causing more irritation. 

Leaves of Drumsticks – Due to their anti-bacterial properties, these leaves can prove to be magical in this messy pollution. A tasty recipe for ripping their cleansing benefits would be to boil them in water for about 5-10 minutes. Then to this water, add salt and black pepper and have it immediately!

Tulsi and Neem – Both tulsi and neem assume utmost importance when it comes to both Ayurveda and protecting against ill effects of air pollution. Due to its purifying, detoxifying and cleansing properties, it can prove to be beneficial if used for taking a bath with. You can even mix it in your tea or chew a few leaves twice or thrice a week. 

You can also start your morning by chewing a handful of tulsi leaves every day. For forever pollution-free air, you could also grow a tulsi plant in your house. 

Pippali -Pippali is a great ingredient for cleaning our lungs thoroughly, especially for lung infections. Mix  ¼ teaspoon Ginger, ¼ teaspoon turmeric and 1/8 teaspoon Pippali powder mixed in 1 tbsp honey with warm water and voila! You have your tasty detoxifying drink for the day. But don’t have it for more than 7-days in a single go and it is not recommended for kids. 

The long-term solution, Trees!

These are some short-term remedies for fighting air pollution, but we urge you all to plant trees for the long-term solution. Short-term solutions can only last for a short duration. Trees do not negate air pollution but have the superpower of storing carbon dioxide. Trees are our closest relatives who selflessly care about us. What they exhale we inhale, what we exhale, they inhale. They keep our lives pollution-free.

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Stay Safe and stay pollution-free this #HariDeepavali

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