Nature must be used to repair broken climate

George Monbiot has recently created a short film to highlight the current climate emergency, starring Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old, who is taking the world by surprise with her moving speeches. 

Greta Thunberg talking about how important it is to restore trees for our ecosystem
Greta Thunberg talking about how important it is to restore trees for our ecosystem

The film’s producer, Tom Mustill of Gripping Films, said: “We tried to make the film have the tiniest environmental impact possible. We took trains to Sweden to interview Greta, charged our hybrid car at George’s house, used green energy to power the edit and recycled archive footage rather than shooting new.” Greta, Swedish teen climate activist emphasizes alternative issues for climate action other than halting the overconsumption of fossil fuels. With today’s emission levels, Earth’s CO2 budget for the lifetime will be gone in less than 8.5 years. Although she speaks against the burning of fossil fuels, this alone cannot suffice, “There is a magic machine that sucks carbon out of the air, costs very little and builds itself. It’s called a tree. “

Mangroves, peat bogs, jungles, marshes, seabeds, kelp forests, swamps and coral reefs – all are examples of amazing carbon sinks. Owing to their high carbon sequestration properties, they are known as the carbon storehouses of the ecosystem. But, the saddest part is that we are ignoring them. We are spending 1000 times more on global fossil fuel subsidies than on nature-based solutions. They just get 2% of the total attention of policymakers and climate practitioners. There needs to be a lot more investment in cost-effective solutions for the regeneration of natural sources.

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“This is your money which is going waste in taxes and savings”, states Greta. How true could she be? It’s only natural to be worried about potential carbon taxes which a lot of countries have already adopted. Not only this, an estimate of 200 animal species are going extinct every single day. Most of our wild animals are already extinct due to habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict. Every day large scale deforestation, dumping of chemicals in the rivers, soil erosion and other catastrophic events are taking place.  Ever since climate change came into light, water sources have been polluted, forests have been wiped out, animal species have disappeared, and people’s health has been jeopardized because of the pollution we create.

Greta suggests the approach of “Protect, Restore and Fund” to solve the existing climate crisis. This approach lays importance on not only protecting and restoring natural resources but also on funding the “good causes” – tree planting being the most important amongst them. Nature can regenerate and we can help the ecosystem bounce back with our actions. However, we are not left with much time. Restoring nature needs to be undertaken on a massive scale. 

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