Tree House by Dan Phillips

Dan Phillips

“One man’s rubbish is another man’s gold’ and Dan Phillips has proven that age old truism through his construction business.

The Tree House is located 35 feet above the ground on top of a Bois d’arc tree and consists of a complete main house, a working art studio and a large patio area. It features a cork floor and is mainly built from scrap wood and tree branches. One of the striking features of the Tree House is the arty recycled frame ceiling salvaged from a shop that was getting rid of its old frame samples. In addition to the amazing views to the lush treetops, the house features a shiny wall decoration made from broken mirrors that reflect the light coming in from the many circular windows of the house.

Mr. Phillips is a trained architect from Huntsville, Texas who helps people build their own affordable dream homes with recycled materials that most people would consider useless.”