Beat stress today on Stress Awareness Day by planting trees!

Stress Awareness Day

“Beat stress today on Stress Awareness Day by planting trees!

Strolling through or even gazing at forests can lower stress levels, says a 1984 study conducted by Roger Ulrich at Texas A&M University, USA. Ulrich observed patients recovering from surgery. One group’s hospital room windows looked out onto a brick wall; another group’s had a natural, green vista. The patients who were able to view nature recovered faster and had fewer complications than the patients who had a view of a building.

Another study from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, USA reveals that people who live near trees and green spaces report lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression than those in more concrete and asphalt-lined neighbourhoods. Researchers collected health survey data from 2,500 Wisconsin residents, then paired the data with satellite images showing how much vegetation was in residents’ neighborhoods. The results were people who lived on blocks with less than 10 percent tree canopy were more likely to report feeling stressed or down.

So, visit a garden or forest to relax and rejuvenate today”