Beautiful TreeHouse with a Bicycle Elevator!

Ethan Schlussler’s childhood dream of building himself a treehouse bedroom finally came true. At 18, he sketched a few plans but college got in the way and so it was 5 years until he returned to his childhood home when he decided to build his treehouse. He worked his job five days a week from 8 AM to 3 PM. Every afternoon, he would return home and work on the treehouse until 9 PM or whenever it got too dark to work.


Instead of bolting the structure to the tree, he invented a clamping system — a series of 2-by-4s arranged vertically around the trunk and held in place by a metal cable.


To access the treehouse, a bicycle elevator was added to ride up vertically into the sky.


This backyard treehouse is located at Sandpoint in Idaho, USA.


As the treehouse keeps settling, Ethan believes, the trunk will grow around the clamp, helping to prevent further sliding and keep everything in its right place. “And, you know,” he says, smiling, “only time will tell if I was right or wrong.”

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