Benefits of Planting Trees for Shade!

Benefits of Planting Trees for Shade!


If you want to park in the shade… Plant a tree now!

Benefits of Planting Trees for Shade!

The asphalt paving on streets contains stone aggregate in an oil binder. Without tree shade, the oil heats up and volatizes, leaving the aggregate unprotected. Because the oil does not dry out as fast on a shaded street as it does on a street with no shade trees,the street maintenance can be deferred from every 10 years to every 20-25 years for older streets with extensive tree canopy cover – USDA Forest Service.

During times of extreme heat or precipitation, animals seek shade and shelter under the trees without being away from their food source; the shade helps them regulate their body temperatures.

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  3. Trees provide so many benefits to people. It is quite important that planting trees is given importance by people. Parking cars in the tree shade can be a great example of how beneficial trees are. Through social media and other resources one can spread awareness among people regarding this! Thanks.

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