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We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston S.Churchill

Any act of giving, small or big, is never wasted. Truly giving from the heart fills your life with joy, inner happiness and nourishes your soul.  Inner fulfillment comes from making others happy.

The Joy of Giving Week is a national movement, recognized as the largest philanthropic festival in India. This is an event that encourages individuals to step forward and help the needy by ‘Acts of Giving’. The festival is celebrated every year commencing Gandhi Jayanti (2nd Oct). Joy of Giving Week, now called Daan Utsav, is a platform that provides a connection between the givers and those who need support, it’s a unique initiative to bring people from all walks of life together to engage in acts that can benefit the needy in form of time, money or skill.  Daan Utsav encourage students, institutions, renowned celebrities, corporates, charity foundation’s, NGO’s, and various individuals to come together and celebrate this Joy of Giving.

This year Grow-Trees is committed to move towards a greater cause to give back to our Mother Nature in collaboration with Daan Utsav and use this event as an opportunity to restore forests, clean up our air, provide habitat for wildlife, employment for local communities and fight climate change. Grow-Trees.com is creating rural jobs, in remote areas where jobs are rare, in the nursery, planting and post-planting activity, amongst tribals and scheduled caste especially women. The tree planting completed so far by Grow-Trees have created more than 184,000 workdays of jobs in the nursery and planting activities alone.

Grow-Trees is looking forward to utilizing this opportunity to engage companies and stakeholders to participate in this festival. A few ways by which we can contribute are enumerated below, however, we can explore more opportunities basis your requirements.

Customer-facing corporates have a unique opportunity of engaging an enormous number of customers and corporates to do an act of planting trees during Daan Utsav.

For instance,

Retail Industry:

  1. Customers can purchase a specific product and Rs. X goes towards to planting trees.
  2. A company can highlight Grow-Trees’s TreeCard as an option to buy at a discounted price and support tree plantation.

Banking, Finance & Insurance:

  1. Allow customers the option to plant a tree after every payment transaction
  2. Plant tress for every user who opts for e-statement
  3. Plant tress for every user who opts for ECS mode payment.


  1. Customers can opt-in to plant a tree every time of checkout for every order.
  2. Company can plant trees for their premium products.

Customers can help support our ongoing projects by planting trees thereby creating employment opportunities to the rural communities.


  1. Customers can purchase specific products to contribute, for every item purchased a tree will be planted and a eTreeCertificate will be addressed to the customer.
  2. For every eco-friendly product, plant a tree and gift out a co-branded certificate.

Corporates – Employees:

  1. Organization to plant equivalent/proportionate number of trees for the trees planted by the employees (5:1 or 2:1) and create a green image of the company.
  2. Intra mailer will be circulated amongst employees for their active participation and allow them to offset their carbon footprint and use eTreeCard to greet their friends.
  3. A company can start a Grove (by planting minimum 10 trees) and invite their employees to plant & enlarge the same Company’s Grove and gift a forest to the next generation.
  4. Run a campaign (like half marathon or other activity) to engage employees and plant 5/10 trees for each participant.

Grow-Trees.com encourages corporates to plant trees to offset approximately 20 kilos per tree per year (when matured), secure an eTreeCertificate and publicize their green credentials in their corporate communications. Demonstrate support for green initiatives by facilitation employees to plant trees on Daan Utsav directly through the corporate website or through a link. These Trees are our world’s hope for carbon recycling. We look forward to your selfless participation for a greater cause.

Daan Utsav is a platform that gives an opportunity to individuals to contribute to a cause and make a difference in the society. Let us join hands together this year and plant a million trees during this festival of giving.

For quick response please write to us on corporate@grow-trees.com