Going paperless good for business, great for the forests!

It doesn’t matter if a company is in the startup phase or has developed well-established policies and procedures, there are always advantages to reducing paper usage. There are many reasons to illustrate this fact that by going green, the company can benefit in so many ways.

Organizing documents becomes much easier-

By scanning electronic copies of receipts and invoices, documents can be sorted, filed, and organized for quick retrieval when it matters most.

Internal and client communication is faster and economical-

With the advanced technology of smart devices, most people have immediate access to emails. While it increases efficiency, electronic communication also decreases storage costs.

You can saving and retrieving files on the go-

Shifting to paperless documentation also makes the transportation of data more efficient, without the need for cumbersome fax machines or document couriers.

Backing up data can be automatic

When you accidentally throw out an important paper, it’s usually gone forever. Electronic data backup is the new way to save it for future reference.

Secure data

Customers will always be concerned about privacy and data protection, which requires companies to respond by implementing proper data security procedures beyond locked filing cabinets and paper shredders.

Be friendly to the environmental

 A paperless environment may also mean less energy consumption. Small businesses use less energy when printers, faxes, and copiers are inactive.

Benefit financially

The savings of going paperless extends beyond just the cost of the paper, which can be substantial. The cost of other office supplies like ink cartridges also decreases.

By going paperless, your organization can save a ton of money!

Right from the start, the paper and pulp industry causes severe damage to the environment, including our air, water, and soil. Since trees absorb CO2 and release oxygen, they mitigate the harmful effects of greenhouse gas. Moreover, a single 100-year-old tree can only produce 17 reams of paper, but when it’s cut down it will release 110 lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere. As such, this deforestation directly increases climate change. Not only does the removal of trees speed up the global warming process, but it also makes it more severe.

The removal of trees also severely damages the quality of our soil. When there are fewer trees, there’s less water! Deforestation also threatens our planet’s biodiversity and contributes to species endangerment. The removal of trees also means the destruction of habitats of flora and fauna. Planting trees is the only way to control the already done damage and contribute to the Green Revolution.

Switch to digital, and switch to a more environmentally friendly business. One small step for the office, one huge step for mankind!

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