Grow Trees in Urban Areas!

There are people who are absolute tree lovers and every time a tree is chopped down it breaks them down. Under the name of development and urbanization, trees are axed down every day. However, it is poor planning and lack of residents’ support that brings any neighborhood at such juncture. With almost 80% or more of the population residing in the urban areas, it is high time to take steps in favour of the environment. Do not assume that one should grow trees for shade or reducing the pollutants. They come with enormous recreational and aesthetic benefits as well. However, the task at hand is to plant the trees and maintain in the urban communities.

Professional Planners:

Planning is the key to building and maintaining any structure. The same is applicable to the trees as well. If any property is being newly developed then you are in a better position in planning to plant the trees. However, if you wish to grow the trees around an existing structure then you will need to be meticulous. In either case, you will need a professional gardener or landscaper. One cannot think of randomly digging the ground, sowing the seeds and watering it to have the tree. Such professionals understand the features of different trees and would guide you the best.

Understanding the Hazards:

Nature has its own way of growing and if untamed it can be damage the structure. Hence, one has to consider the patterns of growth of different trees and choose accordingly for their neighbourhood. There are techniques to have particular trees which are known for their growth and yet can be planted on the block. There is a specific technique to do the same. However, it is important that you widen your knowledge about the trees and choose some unusual ones for your place. This way you get the goodness of trees and aesthetically it would be pleasing to look at something unusual every day.

Site Maintenance Techniques:

Planting a tree is easy and it will surely grow good if it is done correctly. However, it is the maintenance that can be difficult. While people might come together to plant the trees, it is for the maintenance that they might back out. One can learn the techniques online and distribute the duties amongst the society members. If not, then there are gardeners who are always available for service. In fact, they come with the right knowledge in maintaining different species. You can always employ a landscaper who will take care of the trees for you.

It is about investing time and efforts to not just beautify your neighbourhood but also contributing to the earth which is your home.

2 thoughts on “Grow Trees in Urban Areas!

  1. Hi.
    Growing plants in the urban area is good.but the land is the majot problem and if ee found land also it will be not sufficient which places should i select for plantation?
    And im from Talangana state .so i would like to do the plantation programs in urban areas of Telangna state.
    So kindly look into my query and if you will help me ,i will start a project in urban tree plantation program.

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