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Grow-Trees Newsletter 2023

As an organization deeply connected to the rhythms of nature, the end of the monsoon season marks a significant milestone for us. Planting in the monsoon provides the best condition for the growth of our trees and we have successfully completed the plantation of saplings in our new projects.


Trees for Communities in Haridwar and Telangana developed to further our commitment to improving the lives of communities. Read More

Trees for Villagers – We are also reaching out to the heart of rural communities. 

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Trees for Leopards

As you may already know, we have a deep passion for wildlife conservation and our love for big cats is no secret. This year we have decided to shine a light on leopards.

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A big thank you to Apraava Energy for supporting our Trees for Farmers® project in Rajasthan’s Baran district. Their support of nature-based solutions will lead to comprehensive improvement for the local communities.


As the natural rhythm of the monsoon shifts southward, we are gearing up for planting activities in our southern projects. It’s also an exciting time for our Trees for Tigers® project; the new planting activity will commence there in October given the delayed onset of the monsoon.


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