Gum Karaya

Gum Karaya

“Gum Karaya is a deciduous tree native to India.

It can grow to around 50 feet in height and is commonly found at altitudes between 1,300 and 2,600 feet.

A natural gum is exuded by the tree when the bark is damaged. This gum swells when it absorbs water, is one of the least soluble gums and widely used in many industries such as petroleum and gas, textiles, paper and pulp, pharmaceuticals and medicine. The best quality of gum is produced during the months of January to June.

It is known as Kulu or Karaya in Hindi, Kandol in Marathi and Kavalam Tam in Tamil.”

One thought on “Gum Karaya

  1. I work with tribals in Maredumilli mandal in East Godavari district in the State of AP. I want to assist the tribals to grow gum karaya plantations for reaping assured incomes. I have the following questions in this regard.
    1. How many karaya trees can I grow in one acre.
    2. What are the plantation practises for taking good care of the plantation?
    3. When can we secure the first yield ?
    4. Can I get saplings to plant this monsoon in 100 acres?
    5. Can you guide me in raising dedicated nurseries for future plantations?
    Manohar Prasad.

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