Indian Giant Flying Squirrels

Indian Giant Flying Squirrels

“Trees for Indian Giant Flying Squirrels!

The Indian giant flying squirrel is a nocturnal, arboreal mammal that lives in tree cavities and the tree canopy, and can glide upto 70 metres. The IUCN, in its last assessment dated June 30, 2008, said that “”it could be in local decline in a few areas in India”” and described its population trend as “”decreasing””. In a scientific paper in January 2013, two experts suggested “”planting of new Mahua trees in the distribution range”” to protect the species. has therefore initiated these projects, Trees for Indian Giant Flying Squirrels, for planting 100,000 trees each adjacent to the Kumbhalgarh and Sitamata wildlife sanctuaries, which have a population of such squirrels, where a mix of trees species will be planted under guidance of a scientific advisor who has authored papers on these mammals.

We seek sponsors for these projects. Your concern will help the depleting population of this unique species. Send us an e-mail at to know more.”

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