Ola cabs has partnered Grow-Trees to plant trees this week for customers!

Ola has joined hands with Grow-Trees.com to give its Ola share users the opportunity to do something impactful for the environment: plant trees.

For every 5 share rides taken between 22nd – 29th January in Mumbai, Ola will plant a tree for you (provided you use the code GROWTREES of course!).

As part of their #FarakPadtaHain campaign, Ola is encouraging users to take more share rides which have the benefit of reducing traffic congestion and reducing air pollution. Declining air quality only means bad things for our health and wellness not to mention our wildlife that contributes little to the pollution but suffers as much, if not more, due to it.

The sea of smog that has engulfed all major Indian cities this winter serves as a compelling reminder that the time to act is NOW!

We hope our partnership with Ola inspires citizens of our country to evaluate every habit and practice under the microscope of sustainability! Our future depends on it.