Our Common Concern – Environment

Sustainability with finite nature of natural resources is on the minds of all of us. Climate change, deforestation and reducing habitats for most animals are a concern for corporations as well as individual investors. However, we know that a lot is still in our hands.

Our disrespect for our environment has been prolonged and escalated over the years without us once considering the consequences of our actions. The recognition of the need to protect the biodiversity of the planet from very real dangers such as pollution, global warming, unchecked economic growth and exploitation of natural resources has been highlighted during many national and international forums.

That’s a major reason why Corporate Social Responsibility projects mainly focus around areas addressing these issues. They are getting involved with schemes around forestation and rural development to strengthen the core so that our future looks brighter than our present.

Brilliant Initiatives by our Partners

Many dedicated brands such as  Blue Dart Express limited, Pepperfry, Mercedes-Benz, Pepsico, LTI and many others have taken a brilliant initiative of contributing towards the welfare of mother Earth. We, at Grow-Trees are committed to help our customers to accomplish their purpose of contributing to the society in the best possible way. The fulfillment from the initiative of planting trees is most certainly irreplaceable. Grow-Trees.com is a social enterprise that provides a unique greet-with-trees service.

Our partner, Blue Dart Express Limited has shown tremendous initiative by planting 111,000 trees to save tigers by adopting a project Trees for Tigers – a Wildlife corridor between Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh & Pench National Park, Maharashtra. The project area is in the periphery of 5-10 km around the tiger reserve in Karwahi village. Tree plantation in the area will secure the habitat of the tigers as well as provide ample forest-based resources to the tribal groups (the Gond and Meena community) living in these areas and dependent on trees for food, fuel, and livelihood. Pench is well known as the setting of Rudyard Kipling’s -The Jungle Book. Often referred to as “Mowgli-land”, the depiction of Mowgli’s jungle-home as lush green, full of wild yet endearing animals and a place of peaceful coexistence is an ideal that Grow-Trees is trying to actively preserve in these parts reducing man-animal conflict.Trees planted have created approximately 9086 workdays of jobs in the nursery, planting activities alone and is expected offset 22,20,000 kgs of carbon/year once mature.  

Mercedes-Benz had taken an initiative of planting 50,000 trees across 8 villages of two districts in Maharashtra, Yavatmal and Amravati. Their intention was to help the entire community by providing alternative livelihood options and helping in creating healthy environment. Mercedes-Benz India also undertook an initiative of planting 950 native trees in the vicinity, to combat the effect of the products manufactured in the company. These trees will help in reduction of atmospheric carbon content in and around the company premises. Furthermore, an exclusive bar code has been displayed on every tree that will guide an individual in tracking number of planted trees and its details.

Another corporate with similar CSR initiative is Pepperfry which is a leading online home and lifestyle store, offering a wide range of furniture and home decor products. Pepperfry planted trees in different projects with Grow-Trees in rural areas of Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Karnataka. Statistics show that 1,03,500 trees supported by Pepperfry, will create 8473 workdays of jobs in the nursery and planting activities alone and is expected offset 20,70,000 kg carbon (once the trees reach maturity).

Larsen and Toubro Infotech  is one of the largest Indian multi-national firms and leading construction company in India. Their top performers from Mumbai, along with the CSR representatives participated in a tree plantation drive along with the villagers of Nimbhora village and water the plants. Larsen and Toubro Infotech sponsored the plantation of 11,562 trees in Nimbhora, a region ravaged by drought. Their considerate initiative will have a huge impact on the climate and landscape as well as rural employment levels.

The much talked about “‘Trees for Tigers’ project at Sariska Tiger Reserve in Alwar, Rajasthan was supported by Croma in 2018. Croma is an Indian retail chain for consumer electronics and durables. Receiving warm support from Croma for such a noble cause, draws attention to the pressing need for maintaining a dense and extensive forest cover to sustain healthy ecosystems.

A very popular company Ola Cabs, an Indian origin online transportation network company, decided to run a campaign #FarakPadtaHain. This campaign was to promote the reduction of environmental hazards. Thus they partnered with Grow-Trees.com and announced planting a tree for every 5 share rides taken during the time of that campaign in 2018. In this way, they encouraged their users to take more share rides which have the benefit of reducing traffic congestion and reducing air pollution.

So, Come Along!

These are only a few of the examples of initiatives taken by our partners. Our list of partners and their contributions so far is long, but definitely with the union of many such like-minded companies together with us will support the bigger cause for this common concern.

Consider our invite to all the corporations with the ambition of global contribution. Your tree planting gift through Grow-Trees.com to the world will create jobs, benefit communities & wildlife, improve water catchment, decarbonise the world and give you a sense of fulfillment too.