Poem by A Krishan

Poem_A Krishan

“Voices Of A Tree

As the suns rays begin to fade,
and people enter the houses that have been made,
by the sacrifice of the fellow trees…now silent,
to serve those humans whose thoughts resemble those of a tyrant;

Humans approached me for food,
I gave them as much as I could,
Men approached me for shelter,
I extended my branches in the burning surroundings…lest they falter.
But here come people with their tools,
To raze trees and build roads, malls and pools;
Are you going to cut me now?
Oh, they do not seem to hear as they bring their axe near.
Will you grow trees when I’m dead?
But they do not seem to hear and bring their axe near.

Oh, is there no one here to convince these men…
That trees are boon not bane?
But they have already brought their axe near,
because they will not hear.

Listen O! Thee, listen to the voice of the dying tree…

By A Krishan”