Poem_Aayush Vasudeva

Poem_Aayush Vasudeva


There are many delicacies one can relish,
Some crunch and some squish,
but my personal favourite: the berry
Be it a pink straw or a cherry

Their appearance is a feast for the eyes,
It’s an addiction rather, one that can’t be given up, no matter how hard i try
Upon taste, the nectar trickles right out,
Spreading it’s flavours all about

Perhaps one of the rare combinations of taste and health,
Ensures a satisfied mind and body,
In certain cultures, considered a prospect of wealth,
Brought to you by something as simple as a tree

Go right ahead, pick red, pink or blue
For something so good to be true,
Is a boon
It’s magnificence will be widespread, hopefully, soon!

By Aayush Vasudeva