Poem_Christos Andreas Kourtis

Poem_Christina Rossetti


This Is Why I love Trees

As strong as the mystic Oak
as bountiful as the Chestnuts burden
liken to palm tree on a lonely island
kind as a spring apple blossom

Sometimes weeping liken to a Willow
bending in waters hiding tears
singing like a London Plain
in the smoggy city streets

Bitchy as a Beach Tree
glorious as mountain Pine
oh how wondrous
in avenues they do bind

See the Elms worrying
as beetles invade their bark
undermining their existence
to their extinction

Yet the amorous smell of Cherry blossoms
does late at night fill the midnight air
and all comes to winters realms
Christmas presents are laid under it’s frame
of the greatest of Pines

As the Sycamore sings
bare and wanting of summers light
holding strong at winters bite
this is why I love trees

By Christos Andreas Kourtis