Poem_Eric Creed

Poem_Eric Creed

“Leaves of Fall

As we sit back and observe the leaves of fall,
We can silently, and observantly, ponder it all.
How our lives seem to go so fast,
And how our years have quickly became the past.

When we are young, we hardly understand
How fast time goes, how fast the falling sand.
But when we get older the speed of time is clear,
And each passing day brings the end more near.

We must ask ourselves: have we seized the day?
Or took a few minutes to help someone along the way?
Help to pass on what life has given you,
Help to show others a new worldly view.

Human lives are akin to trees in some ways
The falling leaves symbolize our bygone days.
But trees have the ability to sprout anew,
But once our leaves have fallen, our lives are through.

So, I say, observe your days with lasting embrace,
For when gone it’s time you cannot replace.
And when your leaves are gone, I hope it is known,
That because of you, someone else’s leaves have grown.

By Eric Creed”