Under the Orange Tree.

As I sit under the Orange Tree,
a place where no one can see,
I think of the world’s greater things.
Like life, love,
and the songs that birds sing.

Under the Orange Tree, I can be anything.
A knight, a prince, or even a king!
Under this tree, is my favorite place on earth.
Cause this a place, to me, of great worth.

Under the Orange Tree, I am truly home.
A place where my imagination can freely roam,
& no one can take my from this tree.
For this is my tree, and my tree is a part of me.

Never will I forget the times under the Orange Tree.
The ones where I felt like I could just be me.
And as I sit here, all year long,
I say, “sing again birdies, life is to short to hear just one song”

By Nicholas