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The Busy Person’s Guide to Saving the Planet (Not a listicle)

Balancing work and personal life can be hectic, but it is crucial that all of us, at a personal level, make time for climate action. As a civilization, we have moved beyond climate change and are now facing a climate crisis and it is time we move beyond listicles and quick hacks and look towards nature-based solutions. Planting trees counts as one of the best nature-based solutions to build resilience against climate change.

Where We Stand Today

The climate crisis is already affecting us and if we do not contribute to slowing it down we are going to expose our future generations to extreme climate conditions and health issues. As a result of human activity and consumption, there is now 50% more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere compared to pre-industrial times. To put things in perspective, before the industrial revolution, the carbon emissions remained more or less the same for 6000 years. (source:

Mantra of Minimalism 

Reversing the impending doom of the climate crisis is a colossal task and sometimes one may feel that the action of one person is inconsequential. Sure, climate action requires work at the policy level but we should not underestimate the consequences of our personal choices. Most of our actions emit greenhouse gasses and the choices we make for our lifestyle add up and can have significant consequences.

Lifestyle choices can range from reducing electricity consumption to shopping with sustainable businesses to reducing meat consumption; sustained over a long time, these actions lead to a positive impact. 

Working with Nature

However, we can go beyond this and work with nature-based solutions. Nature-based solutions rely on nature and natural processes to address ecological problems. One of the best nature- based solutions is planting trees. Trees are one of our best bets to mitigate the climate crisis. In terms of the environment, trees serve multiple purposes – it absorbs carbon, reduces pollution and manages the water cycle, to name a few. To plant a tree also means that you are helping the nearby communities. Tree plantation drives provide jobs, fruits, medicines, fodder to local communities. 

Greet with Trees®

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At Grow-Trees, we make tree planting accessible and easy for everyone. With just a few clicks, you can be part of the solution. Moreover, in addition to planting trees to offset your carbon emissions, you can greet your friends and family with the gift of a tree. Gifting trees is a unique concept by that allows you and your loved ones to have an enduring impact on the planet.  

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