A 75 year old single-handedly stopped the march of the desert!


Ranaram Bishnoi has planted 27,000 Trees and is nicknamed the ‘’Tree Man’’ in Ekalkhori village, around 100 kms from Jodhpur in Rajasthan, India. He belongs to the Bishnoi community – the forbearer of the Chipko movement, famous for its non-violent, tree-hugging protest against tree felling.

He has been planting these trees for some years now, drawing water from a nearby well and carrying it in an earthen pot on his shoulders to water these saplings. The tree species he has planted are native like Neem, Rohida, Kankeri, Khejri, Fig, Bougainvillea and Babool.

He says, “The plants and the animals were on the planet much before we landed here. They have more rights on the planet than us and if we cannot give that to them at least we can ensure we don’t destroy them in our greed.”