A visit to our planting site

A Glimpse Into Our Planting Site In South India 

Site visits are a vital component of our tree planting initiatives. These trips provide us with a firsthand insight into our projects’ impact. Join us as we delve deeper into the recent expedition of our team member, Catherine, to the heart of our Tamil Nadu projects.

We currently have three major projects in Tamil Nadu, namely, Trees for Tribals, Trees for Coastal Ecosystems and Trees for Sacred Grove. Each of the three projects have been carefully designed to cater to the unique requirements of its respective areas and communities.

Unveiling Impact

(Grow-Trees team member, Catherine, with plantation workers)

Catherine’s visit has given us a glimpse into the tangible impact of our efforts. From the thriving ecosystem that had sprung to life to the smiles of the local plantation workers, every detail told a story of positive change.

(Interacting with women beneficiaries)

In her own words, she shares her reflections on the trip, “Visiting our plantation site was truly a humbling experience. The growth, the community spirit and the dedication of our team and the locals reinforce the impact we are creating. It’s a reminder of the responsibility we carry.”

(Members of the Irula settlement)

A significant aspect of the site visits involve heartwarming conversations with our plantation workers. One of our plantation workers, Mageshwari, shared her thoughts on how our projects have made an impact in her life, “Through the plantation work, my life has completely changed. I find satisfaction in doing this work and it has also given me a stable source of income.”


Act Now

If you want to be a part of this change, here’s how to help:

As an individual, consider planting trees in our Trees for Sacred Grove project and contribute towards increasing our green cover.

As an organisation, you can meet your CSR goals by adopting our social project, Trees for Coastal Ecosystems. Contact us on corporate@grow-trees.com to get in touch.