A Tree-mendous Christmas!

Why a tree is the best gift?

The season of joy and giving is upon us! While we get into the Christmas spirit by giving gifts and celebrating traditions, there is a hidden environmental cost. But that does not mean we are here to be grinches. A few add-ons to your Christmas gift hamper, and voila! you will be able to contribute to social goodness and also be Santa for nature. So, let us tell you why trees are a perfect Christmas gift idea!

1. Trees make a unique gift

It is unique in its own way because it is a gift that keeps growing. It is something that is very literally an “outside the box” gift. It is often a surprise to people, as gifting a tree is not known to many. A tree will benefit them in some of the obvious ways we know and also add to the beauty of our planet.

2. Trees benefit future generations

Planting trees is a simple, inexpensive, and easy means for us as citizens to restore our earth. It is more important than ever to be more eco-conscious. So, what better way to include a tree as a gift this Christmas?

3. Tree gifts are affordable

Gifting a tree is under 100rs! A thoughtful gift at a reasonable price. Adopt a forest or plant a tree, plant as many as you want. It also makes up for a Secret Santa gift idea.

4. Trees give new homes to animals and plants

Trees aid in the preservation of biological diversity. With the rising number of cases of wild animals entering the urban jungle, the gravitas to restore their habitat is of top importance. With all this in mind, why not also be #thesantafornature this Christmas?

5. Trees regulate the climate.

Trees are often referred to as the “lungs of the earth” because of their capability to absorb pollutants and produce oxygen. So, from cleaning the air we breathe to filtering the water we drink, trees are our providers for a lifetime.

Regardless of what you plan to gift, adding a tree gift will be powerful and impactful for your loved ones and the environment. Planting trees online and receiving an eTreeCertificate with a personalised message from Grow-Trees.com can even help you reduce your holiday carbon footprint. Also, it’s past time for us to be the Santa for nature and be grateful for what it has provided us with for generations!