Best Sustainable Christmas Gift!

Christmas is just two days away! Finding presents for your loved ones, especially those who are environmentally conscious, can be challenging. Many of the gifts we buy need enormous quantities of energy to manufacture, and you do not want to purchase anything that would result in waste.

Over the years, the sustainability market has boomed, delivering loads of excellent goods and gifts that will not leave a large carbon footprint.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift that is quite literally out of the box, we have got you. With you can gift your loved ones a tree. A gift that keeps growing and giving for years to come. It’s a stand-alone gift, or you could add it as a cherry on top with an eTree Greeting card. 

Here’s the simplest 4-step guide to getting your perfect Christmas gift:

  1. Select a project.

Choose from projects in 23 Indian states and one international project.

  1. Trees to add in Treebank™

Add trees from as many projects as you wish to plant.

  1. Payment Information

If you are looking for gifts under Rs.100, this is your place. A hassle-free payment with options for all types of cards, net banking, and UPI.

4. User Details

The final step requires you to enter your personal information.

You checkout.

That’s all there is to it.

An irreplaceable gift for women, men, and teens alike, or even your secret Santa gift.

A four-step process to gift something that won’t have a significant negative environmental impact. It will benefit your loved ones, wildlife, rural communities, tribal people, and so on.  Make this Christmas merrier for our environment as well! #bethesantafornature