Grow Trees for the Growing Population

Are there enough trees for the booming population?

Trees & population balance in India.

It was in 1804 when the Earth was populated by 1 billion people. In 2011, the human population reached 7 billion people. And now, just after a mere dozen years, we hit a population of 8 billion people! The 8th billionth kid was born on Tuesday, 15th November, ‘22, in Manila, Philippines. Forests cover 30% of the Earth’s land surface. According to a study done by Yale University, there are approximately 422 trees for every person on Earth.  Human wellness can be indicated by the presence of trees. But with the rising population, it is becoming one of the main problems of climate change.

There are only eight countries that are significantly contributing to the growth of the population in the world. India is one of them. These countries are predicted to contribute to more than half of the growth. So, population growth will be uneven throughout the world. The UN has also said that India will soon beat China by becoming the most populous country in the world by the end of 2023. We need to prepare for the demands and adapt to the changes that come with them. Because like every other relationship, humans and trees also share a two-way relationship. We can only maintain that equilibrium as long as the input and output are balanced. Right now, the balance is disrupted, and we have to fix that. We need to plant more trees.

Whether the rising population is a bane or a boon will depend on the decisions we make collectively and individually. Taking small steps like not overconsuming, leading a sustainable life, avoiding fast fashion, planting trees, etc. are safer and simpler ways to move ahead. You could participate in large-scale projects by planting trees online through Click on the button to “Plant Now!”