Environmental benefits of mahogany trees

The Mahogany tree (Swietenia Mahogany) is one of the oldest trees in India known for its elegant features and fragrance. These are beautiful shade trees having rounded uniform crowns. In short, it is so densely covered that it forms a cool shade on the land. These trees are generally tall with a height of about 60 to 80 feet and grow over ten years.

Every tree has something or the other to give on this planet, but mahogany trees are way more different than others. The leaves, barks, and fruits of this tree are all useful. They are mostly used for medicinal purposes such as anaemia, diabetes, cancer, malaria, diarrhoea, and other conditions.

Mahogany woods are renowned across the world for the wood it provides. The brownish-reddish hue of this tree makes it unique from the rest. It is used for making furniture items like cabinetry, veneers, and musical instruments. The demand for the wood obtained from this tree remains the highest as it is one of the rarest species of wood found in a natural tone. The uses of Mahogany are not just limited to furniture and wood. The environmental benefits are unimaginable!

Every season in India brings something new. It gets haywire many times leading to a delicate situation. Mahogany trees act as a saviour as it helps to minimize the risk of diseases caused by climate and can also reduce global warming and its effects. Mahogany trees release the sulphur compound that can reduce the atmospheric warming led by greenhouse gases.  It aids in increasing groundwater levels, counteracts soil erosion, and impacts the asphalted roads. Overall, mahogany contributes to a large degree to the entire ecosystem. It even indirectly helps other plants and crops growing in and around the nearby area. Are you wondering how? Well, it limits water and soil erosion which allows the healthy growth of crops like maize and wheat.

Did you see what wonders mahogany can do? It is a blessing to our environment as it limits air pollution and creates a safe, eco-friendly, healthy, and sustainable climate for all. When you grow mahogany trees, you save the environment for the upcoming seven to ten years. Isn’t that fantastic?