Don’t you think the Earth is trying to tell us something? The heat is literally rising every day. The temperature in India is going around 50C. Isn’t it challenging to survive in such harsh climates? Maybe that’s what the Earth is trying to tell us. Take hold and not let the climate system go haywire!

The Earth’s climate has gone for a toss. The glaciers are melting, wildlife is depleting, and weather conditions are deteriorating. These are some signs indicating climate change. In fact, calamities like forest fires and elevated sea levels are also due to climate change. But are we alarmed? Are we ignorant? What have we done to combat this? Nothing, really! The reason for this denial is that we generally think that it is not essential. The awareness has become limited to a video clip or an ad. But that is not it!  

Growing trees is the most effective way to restore severe climatic conditions. Trees act as carbon sinks and disrupt the greenhouse effect. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen providing fresh air to breathe. Did you see what benefits growing trees can get? So why not plant trees? It can be a bit challenging to take the lead but Grow Trees can help. You can visit the website and plant a small tree by just paying. Greet it to your loved ones on their special occasion and get an e-certificate for the same. Isn’t it a great initiative?

Similarly, you can take green steps to heal our environment. How about controlling the use of cars or using minimum electricity? These are some examples that you can adopt for a better future. Otherwise, in no time, we will be left with unending problems like bad health, food shortage, water scarcity and so on. It’s time to wake up and educate ourselves and others about the importance of conserving our climate. Or else the Earth won’t survive! Begin with small steps and see yourself creating a major difference. We all need to act in a way that heals the environment so that climate conditions don’t get serious in near future.