How does it feel to pass down a lane covered with trees? The feeling is always wonderful! Trees are human best friends. Unfortunately, the number of trees is decreasing every day. Humans have forgotten the power of trees. Forest fires, stronger hurricanes, and diminishing food and water are a few common indicators of climate change. But how can trees help reduce it?

Trees provide food, shelter, shade, fuel, and many other things. But its function is not just limited to here. Trees act as a shield and absorb the carbon from the atmosphere. Did you know that a mature tree can absorb 22lbs of carbon every year? It heals the environment by giving us fresh air to breathe. 

Trees also protect the coastal communities from storms and flooding. Imagine a coastal region without trees? Wouldn’t the area around it get flooded? Trees take excess water from the soil and release the water vapour into the air saving the land and its creatures. Other than this, trees also help to increase biodiversity by improving the ecosystem overall. The process of photosynthesis cleans up the planet from the greenhouse effect proving it to be beneficial for all types of habitats. It prevents flooding, reduces pollution, keeps soil nutrient-rich, and most importantly reduces the temperature. 

Trees can do so much in reality. It’s high time that we plant trees to fix this climate change that can get worse if not attended to. Grow a tree today and bear its advantages once they mature. At times, it may get difficult for you to plant a sapling, but you can always rely on for this work. They can help you plant a tree without any hassle. Climate change is real and complex, so it is better to increase the green cover or else we all will have to face the dreadful consequence of climate change.