Plucking Out Pollutants From The Environment

Maintaining a stabilized ecological state is quite important as it gets extremely difficult to manage the environmental condition in each and every state. In a diverse country like India, there are several disruptive forces that tend to pose a serious threat to the environment. Thus, it is exceedingly important to take adequate measures to maintain the well-being of the green patches in our country so that we can co-exist with the environment in harmony. The wrath of pollution in almost every Indian state is such that it constantly hampers the growth and development of the environment in that region.


Maintaining and nurturing the environment is crucial in every region. It is for the same reason that several NGOs are suggesting and strategizing a wide variety of projects that can improve the ecological balance of our country. States and cities like Delhi, Varanasi, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Kanpur, and a few others contribute a great deal to the amount of pollution in India. Delhi, the capital of our nation is not only famous for its culture but also its escalating pollution levels. The alarming pollution rates are usually observed during the festive season. As per records and surveys, the pollution meter in Delhi is 70 times higher than the usual limit. 

Maharashtra and Varanasi have seen a large number of deaths merely because of the increasing levels of pollution in these places. Maharashtra faces almost 60% of deaths due to the monstrous levels of air pollution. The condition of Jharkhand and Kanpur is no better!  Kanpur is among the top 10 most polluted cities in India, owing to its shoe production and leather factories. The annual level of pollutants here is 17 times higher than usual. Jharkhand is also recognized as one of the most polluted cities in our country. 


Needless to say, a large number of polluted cities also require a large number of grass-root organisations that can take the required initiatives to resolve the precarious condition of pollution in our country.

Organisations like The Foundation of Ecological Security (FES), Jan Manthan Adhikar (JMA), and Adivasi Welfare Foundation (AWF), in collaboration with have lent a helping hand towards fighting the hazardous effects of pollution in several regions. One of the most effective ways of resolving this grave issue of pollution is to initiate the plantation of trees in more and more cities, districts and villages.


These NGOs aim to focus on natural remedies that can resolve the issue of pollutant gases in the air. Trees act as a natural purifier for our Mother Earth by absorbing all the unnecessary chemicals and pollutant elements. In order to tackle the global crisis of air pollution, we need to discourage and put an end to all deforestation practices and plant billions and billions of trees in every region. 

As per surveys, forests absorb a third of the global emissions produced every year. Trees also tend to mitigate the greenhouse gas effect which in turn traps heat and releases life-giving oxygen on Earth. Apart from these, there are a few more benefits that we can savor by growing trees:

  • Growing local trees helps us in alleviating the climate crisis. 
  • Toxins such as nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide can easily be absorbed by leaves and barks, giving us clean air to breathe in. 
  • Most importantly, planting trees also increases the life span of human beings and animals.

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