Why you should replace your greeting card with an e-greeting!

While planning to send festive wishes to colleagues, friends, and relatives, there is always a long list that needs to be personally greeted with a card. It not only requires the involvement of huge costs but also the effort of writing customised wishes. However, even after so much toil, the guilt of using hefty amounts of paper still remains. Shouldn’t there be an easier and guilt-free way to celebrate your special occasions?

Greetings cards are a crucial constituent of the Paper Industry. The same paper that is delivered at our doorstep after cutting a tree. Trees are the lungs of our planet, assisting in controlling the pollution and reversing the adverse effects of climate change.  It takes about 625 square feet surface area of vegetation to produce the daily oxygen requirements of one person, the least we can do is not promote deforestation.

Here are a few alarming facts about the Pulp and Paper Factory:

  • It accounts for 4% of the world’s energy usage and is the fifth largest consumer of energy. Toxic substances released by paper and pulp industry are one of the major pollutants of air, water, and land resources.
  • The share of Paper wastage in municipal wastes in the US alone accounts for 26%, while on a global level; it constitutes 17% of the total waste. Paper waste in landfill produces methane, which is 20 times more harmful than Carbon Dioxide. 
  • As its production requires wood pulp, it accelerates cutting down of trees, resulting in a reduction of green cover on our planet.

We MUST find a way out! The solution is right here – eTreeCertificates®. Now, every time you wish to greet a loved one, you can easily plant a tree online and send your regards via an eTreeCertificates®.

There are multiple benefits of Greeting with Trees:

  • Most important of all, they are softer on the environment; leave a marginal carbon footprint, prevent deforestation, promote reforestation, rebuild wildlife habitats, and provide rural employment.  
  • According to expert calculations, e-cards consume approximately 0.0005 Kilowatt-hours of energy in comparison to 0.22 Kilowatt-hours consumed by conventional paper cards.
  • They can be sent from computers and therefore, require no delivery services, saving the environment from the extra burden of fuel consumption. Not to forget, the time and fuel consumed to physically visit a store to purchase a paper card also get saved.
  • Being electronic in nature, eTreeCertificates® do not require recycling, thus, saving further energy and resources. 

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  1. Truly said ..No change can be implemented until the goverment takes these seriously..With u in the quest for a better tomorrow

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