Indian Ash Tree

Indian Ash Tree

“Indian Ash Tree is a large tree with yellow flowers.

It can grow up to 14 meters or 46 feet tall and flowers from January to March.

The bark has astringent properties and is used to cure sprains, bruises, skin problems, dysentery, etc in traditional medicine. A decoction of the bark is also used to relieve toothache. The boiled leaves are applied to treat swellings.

A gum called Jingani gum comes from the bark. It is known as moya in English, mohin in Hindi and moi in Marathi.”

3 thoughts on “Indian Ash Tree

  1. We have a beautiful Indian Ash tree at our main gate of our farm house , 40 KM’s from Pune City. Flowering right now !

  2. Do you know where I can purchase some leaves and bark to make a poultice for my horses?

    Thank you, Anna

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