Kisalay Vora- An artist behind Aarey movement

Kisalay Vora

“Mr. Kisalay Vora is an Artist who is part of the Save Aarey movement. A brief history about the Save Aarey movement – Aarey Milk colony is considered the green lungs of the city of Mumbai in India. It is home to some of the oldest trees in the city and supports a rich diversity of flora and fauna. A wide variety of mammals including leopards, spotted deer, jungle cat, civets, barking deer, etc are still residents of this colony. The uprooting of 2,298 trees was to begin to make way for Metro III yard which sparked panic among city dwellers in early 2015.

Mr. Vora’s art installation “”Murdered by ‘Civilization’ “” increased awareness by leaps and bounds as it shocked many by highlighting the importance of the environmental loss to Mumbai’s green cover. He says he always wanted to do something to help the environment and what better way than to use art to give back to society. He stresses that visuals speak louder than words and aims for sensory engagement with his audience. Through his creation, he wanted to create a ‘war crime scene’ similar to that of deceased individuals where the audience could feel closest to the pain. With this, he ensured that negative energy could give a positive push and wants to continue doing so to benefit our planet.

He exclaims, “Development and Construction are two different things. Development does not mean a skyline, but better health, better air, better education and a better environment. Sadly, construction is what people call development today.””