Mother Earth

A little blue dot in the vastness of space | A Poem

This eloquently written poem by Peroja Eduljee highlights the contrast between humanity’s destructive tendencies with its potential for love and unity.

Xmas 2023Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year

A little blue dot in the vastness of space;

With an asteroid bang, ‘twill vanish sans trace.

It’s our planet, our home, where our future we plan:

To realise the dream of the brotherhood of man.

Yet this earth we ravage with rapacious greed.

No care, only dominance: we’ve made that our creed.

Revenge and retribution we solemnly pledge.

Crooks, cranks and casteists help drive a wedge.

But healing follows hurt, a good harvest ends blight,

And with the sun’s first ray darkness takes flight.

So love and peace, now sparse as desert rain,

Will swamp hate and violence, ne’er to rise again.

Happen it will when with hands outthrust

Man embraces humaneness, or else bite dust.

Let each throb of his pulse, each intake of breath

Reflect the glory of living o’er the stagnance of death.

by Peroja Eduljee