The Tree Hugging Phenomenon – Oh Yes! It’s True!

It goes without saying that trees are enormously comforting for the birds and animals. However, they can extend the same comfort and peace to humans as well. Scientists have come up with an interesting research to prove that spending time with trees can positively impact your health. Trees healing properties and you will surely be happier at the end of the day.

It is proven that trees can improve and even cure many of the health issues like mental illness, ADHD, and depression. Additionally, they can help you improve your concentration levels, ability to alleviate headaches and reaction time. The emotional and cognitive abilities improve drastically if one spends ample time in the green areas.

Well, it’s never too late to start and inculcate a new practice that can lead you to a happy life! Here are some ways to heal by hugging a tree:

  1. Find yourself a spot. It can be a park or a forest or any woodland area where you can go often and spend some time regularly.
  2. Take a leisurely walk. Let the trees know you and take some time to know the trees. Make yourself comfortable amongst them.
  3. Smell the different scents that different trees have. We tend to neglect such things even when we are on a vacation.
  4. Touch the trees and feel the barks. Close your eyes if possible and try to feel the texture of the barks.
  5. Smelling and touching the tree will help you identify the tree that matches with your energies.
  6. Once you find your perfect match, stand very close to it and look upwards. See how the branches sprawl out as if it is calling out to you for a hug.
  7. Speak softly to it or hug the tree and communicate using telepathy.
  8. There are different ways in which you can hug the tree. First is to encircle the tree and try to fit it as much as you can in your arms. Gently press your cheek on the tree. Do not squeeze tightly but deeply. Try to be one with it.
  9. The second method is to sit on the ground. Wrap your legs around its trunk or base of the tree. Then wrap your arms around and embrace it deeply. Make sure you do not scratch or hurt yourself in this process.
  10. You can switch to different trees as per your mood.

You will feel vibes with trees as you often do with humans and these vibrations can change, depending on your biological behaviors. They will cleanse and revitalize all the negativity or stress that you have stored up within you. So go ahead, find your tree.