Trees that Help you Heal!

Many people engage in growing their own groceries. While it is one of the steps in developing self-reliant existence, it is important to concentrate on the ones that are medicinal as well. A new research has proved that trees can help you save ample money that people usually waste on treatments. The closer you live to the trees, the better you will be health wise. However, not many people are aware of the different medicinal values that different trees hold. Here are some of the trees that are known for their medicinal properties.

Apple Tree:

Its bark is often used for treating fever and diarrhea. It is proved that stewed apples work as a laxative. You can bake apples for dealing with fevers and sore throat. Apple cider decreases bacteria flowing to the bowels and destroys intestinal flora.


This can be used as a natural astringent on the wound. It is known to heal even the deep wounds. This tree’s leaf and bark are used for preparing teas that help you treat tonsillitis and fever.


The twig tips of the tree and its leaves are used to prepare a tea. This tea is known to help in reducing gout, rheumatism, and jaundice.


The leaf tea is helpful in treating the sores in the mouth. It further heals the bladder and kidney problems. If you face any issues with gout, you should consume its leaf tea. The bark of the tree is used to heal skin rashes, psoriasis, and eczema. There is betulinic acid in the Birch sap. It is helpful in reducing the tumors and fighting cancer.


The bark of this tree is used as a tea to help the person with lung problems. It was earlier used for tuberculosis treatments. People with blood problems can use it to cleanse the blood. However, the pregnant women should never have Beech tea. Leaf tea preparation is used in poultices for treating the frostbites and burns.


The bark of this tree is helpful in treating the flu and chest cold fevers, and rheumatism.


Its bark salve and poultices are very helpful in treating gunshot wounds and chilblain. The same potion is used on the abdomen for drawing out the fever. The bark tea, on the other hand, is rich in calcium which helps in healing the injured bones. It helps in healing sore throats and soothes the urinary and bowel issues.


The bark tea of the Elder tree is helpful in treating headaches. It is helpful in dealing with congestion and lowering the fever by subtly inducing perspiration.